2017 Ford Focus RS Review

August 13, 2021

I bought my 2017 Focus RS brand new. Initially I was told there might be a wait of 8 months for delivery. As it turned out I had it in my driveway after only 4 months. I had not test driven the car, instead I read many test drives and watched many video reviews before I committed to buy.

What we love
  • Power, Handling, Looks, Smile generating, Versatility
What we don’t
  • Envy from others

The Nitrous Blue and tyre package were no-brainers for me. The RS looks balanced, purposeful and well presented.

As the RS was to be a daily driver, I was a little concerned about Sydney traffic. I have absolutely no dramas with its behaviour, it happily plods along when required, then snap, away it goes when the right foot gives it a go. The grip it generates is phenomenal, and every driving style seems so effortless for the vehicle.

Ours gets used for the weekly grocery run, trips through weekday traffic, then road tripping.

It has been taken to Victoria, Tasmania (absolutely awesome), Outback NSW and Queensland. Our recent trip was over 4100km in 9 days, the Focus did not miss a beat, and never has. Road trains encountered used to bring a concern, but in the RS they are dispatched with effortlessly.

The lack of a spare tyre proved an issue. We have now sourced a full-sized spare, got a jack and brace, that we carry when travelling in more remote areas.

I love the fact it is a full manual. It has so much torque that you can leave it in 3rd if you feel lazy.

Common comments about the car regarded the head gasket concerns. Ford pressure-tested ours, was found to be all good, but replaced it with new gasket anyway, at their expense. Good on them. Another is the height of the driver’s seat. I personally find it as a good position, enabling clear vision.

The versatility of the RS is, to me, its best feature – just so practical. Happy to lug five people one moment, then take any road conditions you can think of.

Mine tells me that since purchase I am averaging 9.2 kilometres per litre. Just last weekend I filled up at Oberon, returned to Sydney and averaged 6.5.

If you are thinking about buying a pre-owned RS, have a look around at the ones you see being driven. One thing us owners have in common is the uncontrollable smile these things generate.

This article originally featured on drive.com.au and can be viewed here.