Drive into the New Financial Year with

4-Years Free Scheduled Servicing

Carmichael Ford's Exclusive EOFY 2023 Plate Clearance is here! Take advantage of incredible offers across a wide range of Ford vehicles as we approach the end of the financial year.

Enjoy peace of mind with free scheduled servicing for the first four years (or 60,000 km) of your Ford ownership. This limited-time offer is available on select new, demo, and used 2023 plate Ford vehicles. Don't miss these spectacular savings! Visit Carmichael Ford today, our team is ready to help you find the perfect Ford for your lifestyle and budget. Hurry, this offer ends June 30th, 2024!

*Terms and Conditions apply

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Terms and Conditions

1. The promotion commences 1st June 2024, and ends at 5:30pm 30th June 2024 (Promotion Period) (AEST)
2. Scheduled Service must be performed at an eligible Q ford/ Bremer Ford, Carmichael Ford, Emerald Ford or Moreton Bay Ford service centres.
3. To be eligible, customer must purchase and take delivery of a 2023 plated Ford models in stock within the stipulated promotion dates at Q Automotive dealership3.  Retail customers,Blue, Silver and Gold Fleet customers are eligible for the promotion.
4. Eligible customers will receive a 4 Year Service Plan, inclusive of scheduled standard capped price servicing. Please note that for some vehicles approaching their 12-month service interval at the time of purchase, the service will be completed after delivery, once the Prepaid Service Plan is finalised. 
5. 4 Year Service program has a value of up to $1516 over the life of the plan (12 month/15,000km service intervals with up to $379 value yearly).
6. Scheduled servicing is valid for up to 4 years or 60,000km (whichever comes first).
7. 4 Year Service Plan promotion is not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash.8. Additional Terms & Conditions relating to the 4 Year Service Program are outlined below.


1. In these Terms and Conditions:
Other Maintenance Items means any additional scheduled maintenance items requiring routine servicing on a time or kms basis as set out in the Service Documentation, including but not limited to brake fluid replacement and coolant change.
A or B Scheduled Services are the services described as A or B services in the Customer Assistance Warranty and Service Guide (supplied with vehicles delivered before June 2022), which are scheduled to occur at each 15,000km or 12 month interval.
General Services means the services listed under the heading General Services in the Ford Service Portfolio (for vehicles delivered after June 2022), which are scheduled to occur at each 15,000km or 12 month interval.

2. What is covered in the Included Service Price?
The Included Service Price covers the:
* (a) labour;
* (b) parts (subject to condition 3 below)
* (c) lubricants; and
* (d) sundries which includes items such as oil and waste recycling and or removal, workshop supplies etc.
required to provide the items in each Included Service.

3. The Included Service Price does not cover the following items which will be at an additional cost when needed:
* Other Maintenance Items that are required, such as brake fluid replacement, tyre rotations and air conditioner check.
* Engine oil and filter changes required outside of an A and B Scheduled Service / General Service;
* Directional tyre rotation where required;* Repair of accident damage to any component of the vehicle;
* Additional maintenance due to modification from original specification;
* Normal wear and tear consumable items requiring additional maintenance (including but not limited to brake pads replacement, fuses, wiper blades, batteries, tyres, wheel alignment adjustment);
* Items that are identified as requiring more frequent attention depending on operating conditions (as described in the Ford Customer Assistance, Warranty and Service Guide C Service Conditions or in the Ford Service Portfolio as Severe or Extreme Condition Services);
* Air conditioners filter replacement;
* Anything not specified in the A and B service schedules / General Service schedules in the Service Portfolio such as additional items of labour, parts or fluids;
* Additional maintenance and repairs that may be recommended by your Authorised Ford Dealer to suit your individual driving characteristics;
* Service or maintenance of non-genuine Ford parts;
* Service, fitment or maintenance of any accessories, including Ford accessories.
It is your responsibility to ensure that you present your vehicle for servicing at the recommended intervals. If you fail to do so, additional work may be identified which is not included in the Included Service Price.
Please note: Authorised Ford Dealers are required to advise you if any additional service or maintenance work is required. You should be informed prior to that work being undertaken and your consent should be requested and obtained before the Authorised Ford Dealer undertakes the additional service or maintenance work.

4. Terms and Conditions
This offer cannot be transferred to any other vehicle and remains with an Eligible Vehicle until it reaches the earlier of 4 years or 60,000kms.An Included Service must be completed before the earlier of:
* a) the expiry of three months from the date the particular A or B Scheduled Service / General Service is scheduled to occur; or
* b) the odometer passes 3,000kms over the kilometre limit for the particular A or B Scheduled Service / General Service.If the Customer fails to have the Included Service completed within the above parameters, the Included Service Price will no longer be available for the Included Service due at that service interval; however the Included Service Price for the next Included Service, if any, may become available.No refund is payable for any Included Services which are not claimed in accordance with these terms and conditions.Ford does not guarantee that the Included Service Price is less than the recommended maximum price for an A or B Standard Service / General Service on an Excluded Vehicle. However, Ford does guarantee that the total of the Included Service Prices for the first four A or B Scheduled Services / General Services will be less than the total of the recommended maximum prices for the first four A or B Scheduled Services / General Services on an Excluded Vehicle.After the Eligible Vehicle reaches the earlier of 4 years or 60,000 kms, pricing for future A or B Scheduled Services will still be available via the Ford Service Calculator but will not be the same as the Included Service Price.

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